Should You Feb Fast It?

Most people arrive in February a couple of kilograms heavier, don’t despair now is the perfect time to focus on your health. You have a set routine and are more manageable social calendar. After eating and drinking my way through Tasmania, I have returned from my honeymoon a couple of kilos heavier. I know it’s hard to believe but us personal trainers are human too. So how do I get back to being in tiptop shape in a few weeks without having to resort to extreme detoxes, pills or potions?

Here are my top 3 tips:


Although Feb Fast seems like a good idea at the moment, as I can’t remember the last day I went without a drink, too often people will over compensate come March as they feel they have had to deprive themselves. When it comes to creating positive psychology moderation is key! I revert to the 5:2 policy. 5 days completely off alcohol with 2 days of moderate consumption meaning 1-2 glasses (not bottles) of good quality red wine. Want to know what the miracle wonder drink that I use to cleanse me from the inside out? Just regular tap water, no need for pills or potions, juices or coconut water. So I focus on consuming as much water as possible for me that’s 2-3 liters a day.


No need to fast or starve. First things first, high quality of food must return. As great as the decadent desserts and triple creamy brie have been I have focused back on restricting the processed stuff and consuming as much plant based foods as possible, particularly leafy greens. Secondly quantity of food, in order to help shift a few kilos, I don’t need to starve myself I simply focus on a smaller, nutrient dense breakfast and keep the rest of my meals the same.


The secret to really detoxing is getting back into some more vigorous exercise. The bush walks have been great but to really shift the energy balance and get the water and nutrients pumping around the body I have lifted the intensity. My go to exercise at the moment? Hello my old friend the rower with some High Intensity Interval Training. 30s sprint, 30s rest till I can’t do another rep.

The results, 2 days in and 2 kilo’s down. The body is a fascinating machine where if give the right environment it will naturally detox itself. No need for radical diets or extreme exercise, it’s simply back to basics!

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