In today’s busy world it has become harder and harder to find the time to take care of our health. We are spending more hours working behind our desks, sleeping less and struggling to eat healthy food impacting on our quality of life.


That is why we have created our 8 Week Better You program. We will give you the focus, education and support you need in order to become your best self. No fad diets, extreme exercise or before and after spam. This is something better. It is something personal, based on real science.




This program is specifically designed to help you change your body composition and become the best you can be. During the 8 Weeks you will receive:

Our step by step guide in how to achieve the healthiest version of you

Each week you will be provided with a new habit designed to help you become the best version of yourself. It is full of tips and tricks on training, nutrition and lifestyle scientifically proven to generate you the greatest results.

Custom online coaching platform to manage your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle

Have your personal trainer in your pocket. Our app is specifically designed for our 8 Week Better You program to create the ultimate wellbeing experience so you can rediscover your best self!

A dedicated health professional to coach you every step of the way

To achieve great health you need someone in your corner. You will be allocated a dedicated personal trainer who will educate and inspire you in attaining your health goals over the 8 weeks.

8 one on one personal training sessions

Once a week you will meet with your dedicated personal trainer for a one to one training session.  No template programs, every session is uniquely tailored to your goals, fitness and level of experience.

Health evaluation by industry leading exercise scientist

Stepping on the scales will never give you the full picture. At the start and end of your 8 weeks you will receive a full break down on your body composition, fitness, strength and overall wellbeing from an industry leading sport and exercise scientist

Prizes for the best results achieved over the 8 weeks

There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of great health. However we like to recognise those that achieve outstanding results. We have given away thousands of dollars in prizes from wardrobe makeovers to luxury nights in some of Australia’s best hotels.


It’s time to stop making excuses and invest in your health today. Get back to being your best.

$660 per person


I had a final “oh sh*t” moment in mid December when I jumped on the scales and saw I pushed through the tonne (101.4kgs) OMG! The usual New Year’s Resolution to lose weight was locked in! My final moment of inspiration though came from the unlikely source of my ten year old daughter who noted whilst prodding me in the gut “Dad, it’s good that you are losing some weight, you kinda look like you got a 2-pack there, could you ever get a six pack? That would be cool”.


I started the challenge at 97.5kgs and 20% body fat, by the end of the 8 weeks I had reduced total mass to 92.8kgs and 16.9% body fat, success! I feel physically fitter and stronger and have been enjoying a few people commenting positively on the improvements I’ve been able to achieve. More importantly I have been able to keep most of the regime in place since the challenge concluded and have continued to drop a bit of weight. I’m intending on doing another scan in late June and get an official ruling on that 6 pack!!!”


Andrew, Summer Winner
*results may vary person to person

“Me…a 100 plus kg, 40 plus year old father of 5 working in a high stress desk job…and living for over 20 years with the pain of chronic knee injuries from childhood sporting mishaps. After double knee surgery and my specialist telling me never to run, squat or lunge again, I stumbled across Better Being.


I decided to take on the 8 Week Better You challenge and give myself a short-term goal to go hard and get to where I wanted to be and stay there. The choice was obvious, but the journey wasn’t easy, although it did get easier. There were plenty of obstacles in my path, but overcoming these helped me change mentally, not just physically.


The results…a 5% (7kg) loss in body weight and fat over the 8 weeks…14kg total weight loss in the past 5 months…I am certainly a winner here.”


Patrick, Spring Winner

*results may vary person to person


Can I do the challenge if I’m injured or have a medical condition?

Most definitely. We specialise in injury management, however we cannot diagnose any injuries or illnesses. We will work with your medical professional in order to make your training safe but also effective in achieving your goals.


Do you guarantee I will lose weight?

We guarantee that through our training methods you will be the best you have felt in years – if not we’ll give you back your money. If weight loss is your goal we will set out what is possible based on the effort you are willing to put in over the 8 weeks. Yep we are that confident in our program being the most scientifically tested and practically proven method out there.


Do I need to take before and after photos? Will my results be made public?

Only if you want them to. We know how sharing your experience can inspire others to make the same positive changes. We understand and respect the fact that many people value their privacy, so the choice is completely yours.


Will I get a diet plan?

We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach. Our trainers are skilled in coaching you to make the best choices when it comes to eating well. We work with you to eat on your terms and have a positive relationship with food. If you want a detailed meal plan we can put you in touch with one of our amazing dietitians.


Will I have to stop eating the things I love?

That’s up to you. It completely depends on what you want out of the challenge. Some of our best results have been when people have given up or reduced their alcohol intake. However your trainer will never force you to do anything you don’t feel 100% comfortable in doing.


Do I need a gym membership?

We have a fully private training studio located in the heart of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBD. You might already be a member of another gym and that is completely fine too. Your trainer will make recommendations on what you should be doing outside of your PT sessions in order to maximise your results.


I’m doing a lot of travelling is it worth me doing the challenge?

Unfortunately life doesn’t stop and you must continue to travel for work, spend time with the family and attend social gatherings. That’s ok, you have complete flexibility as to when you use your PT sessions and if this is going to be a sustainable change you will need to learn how to navigate these challenges.


Leave your details below and our dedicated Client Experience Manager will be in touch to find out more about what you want to achieve, answer any of your questions and make a recommendation on the trainer most suitable to your needs.