In todays busy world it has become harder and harder to find the time to take care of our health. We are spending more hours working behind our desk, sleeping less and struggle to eat healthy food impacting on our quality of life.


This is why we created Better Being, to help you in becoming your best self.


From individuals to businesses the principles for success remain the same, we focus on our 4 pillars of performance – mindset, movement, nutrition and recovery.


Greg Stark – Founder & Director

BSc Sport & Exercise Sc.

Greg started his career working with elite athletes and now shares those secrets in how you can achieve peak performance. Today Greg continues to support the health and wellbeing of leading corporate executives across Australia. He conducts workshops for large multinational companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Herbert Smith Freehills. He educates personal trainers into becoming exercise professionals and regularly contributes to national media including Mens Health, Sky Business, CEO Magazine and Sporteluxe. Greg was awarded the 2011 Fitness Australia, Australian Exercise Professional of the Year.

Bradley Spicer – PT, Melbourne

BSc Exercise & Sport Sc.

Brad graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science from Deakin University with a keen interest in strength development and exercise based pain management. He’s worked in a diverse range of environments in corporate health, junior athlete development and elite sporting teams. Priding himself on being able to create a fun training environment for those who trust him to be a part of their journey.

With 168 hours in a week it’s important to use the limited time we have in the gym together to create context for your life outside of it. As a result, education on how you can take care of yourself will be a major focus. Brad wants to create a relationship in which you want to see him, not that you feel like you need to.

James Masters – PT, Brisbane

BSc. Exercise & Sport Sc. (Hons)

Jimmy has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Honours) degree from the University of Queensland, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the same University. Jimmy’s key interest is in strength and conditioning and combining his knowledge with his current physiotherapy studies to improve all facets of fitness with his clients.


With a focus on athletic development, Jimmy believes that many aspects of training athletes can be scaled to his clients to provide effective, enjoyable programs that are individualised and can achieve specific fitness goals.

Nathan Russell – PT, Sydney

BSc. Exercise & Sport Sc. (Hons)

Nathan has recently moved to Sydney from Brisbane and is settling into the busier lifestyle. Nathan has a full training schedule himself, aiming to play professional rugby in the future.


He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science (Honours) from the University of Queensland. Having been involved in elite level sporting teams as both an athlete and staff member, Nathan is looking to share the principles of the elite sporting world to help clients achieve their goals.

Ben Killen – PT, Sydney

BSc. Exercise Physiology

Ben is University qualified Exercise Scientist and Strength & Conditioning coach, who specialising in getting human beings to optimise their  function. As a multi-sport athlete and former Basketball player at the international level, Ben knows what it’s like to perform at the highest levels, both mentally and physically.

As a coach Ben has had experience with clients of all levels, from the general population to Olympic level athletes. His training commitment focuses on the exact application of holistic techniques that will allow you to progressively achieve the exact goal you set for yourself  while on your journey to a Better Being!

Lachlan Border- PT, Brisbane

BSc. Exercise & Sport Sc. (Hons)

Lachlan graduated with a Bachelor or Exercise and Sports Science (Honours) from the University of Queensland.

He has had experience working in a high performance setting developing elite athletes, as well as helping schoolboy athletes achieve their sport specific goals through relevant strength and conditioning coaching.

He believes the strategies used in these settings can be applied to anyone looking to become fitter and healthier.

Paul Mulligan – PT, Melbourne

BSc Sport & Exercise Sc.

Paul began his career in personal training with a fascination in the body brain connection. After several years working as a personal trainer, Paul became alarmed about the rate of suicide among Australian farmers, so he helped develop a healthy lifestyle program, the Man Shed.


Paul has always had a keen interest in sport particularly rugby and has since moved towards working with elite athletes at Tennis Australia and the Melbourne Storm. Today Paul brings these principles of high performance and delivers them to business leaders.  He is driven by the desire to learn and giving back to the community.

Samantha Chia – PT, Sydney

BSc. Exercise Physiology

With experience in multiple areas of the health industry, working with people of all ages and with different conditions and goals, Samantha’s aim is to work with the client to accomplish their goals and provide them with the understanding and foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.


Her training programs are functional, adaptable and enjoyable, based on the latest scientific evidence and tailored specifically to the individual in order to produce the most optimal results with minimal risk of injury. She believes that success takes hard work and discipline but seeing results makes it all worth it in the end.

Matt Werner – PT, Sydney

BSc. Exercise Physiology

Matt is originally from a small rural town one hour north of Cairns and loves the quiet country life. Matt is constantly looking for ways to excel in his sport of middle distance running and is aiming for the 2020 Olympic games.


He graduate with a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology (Clinical) at James Cook University Townsville. He has an in depth knowledge on dealing with many health conditions particularly injury rehabilitation. As a very goal driven person he wants to help all clients  achieve their goals no matter how big or small they are.