• Mens sana in corpore sano is a Latin phrase, usually translated as ‘a sound mind in a sound body’. When people think of exercise they often view it from the perspective

  • Many people use exercise to improve body shape, improve performance and decrease their pain. However, it is well known, and gaining further interest on the benefits to y

  • Conventional wisdom has been to train harder, for longer in order to get the best results. However this is not the case and this approach not only leads to poor results

  • With many clients returning from their European summer vacations, they often struggle with more than just the post holiday blues. Studies have found that people often un

  • From the physical to psychological, mindfulness is fast becoming the magical solution to all our health and performance problems. Studies have shown that mindfulness can

  • After a year of mixed results my football team and I recently qualified for the grand final, my first in almost a decade. After a tough training week the body and mind w

  • I had a very interesting conversation with my uncle the other day who said to me that if it wasn’t for smoking he would have died from work related stress many years ago

  • I have recently placed a self-imposed ban on using the word ‘busy’. I found myself getting into the habit of when people asked how are you? I would automatically say ‘bu

  • Do you ever feel the harder you train the less results you see? But how is this even possible? Surely more is better. More intensity, more duration, more resistance sure