In todays busy world it is imperative to understand the wellbeing of your employees and the impact it has upon their productivity, happiness, resilience and sustainability in the workplace.


The key to gaining the engagement of your employees, is to understand the 3 stages to behaviour change:


  • Inspire: ‘Why should I change what I’m doing?’ They are in desperate need of some inspiration to shift their decisional balance. They need to be shown that with small changes they can generate great results.
  • Educate: ‘I know I need to change but where do I start’? This comes back to a less is more mindset – focus on changing one thing. Previously our greatest challenge was how do we find the information but in the Internet age our greatest challenge is finding the quality information.
  • Motivate: ‘I value and make time for my health.’ People have acknowledged the value of their health and created a set of actions to improve their own personal wellbeing it is now crucial to create accountability to prevent them from going back


Better Being is the industry leader in wellness and performance for the corporate world. Let us help you in getting your people engaged with their health.


“Due to the nature of our business, it is quite difficult to get people to give up time in their day to attend a presentation, however we had a fantastic turn out and also streamed the talk live so that our team members who were offsite or interstate were also able to participate. The content was great and everyone was engaged for the whole hour, resulting in great feedback and requests for more!”

Kim Thompson, Work Health & Safety Manager, PWC


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