Your Coaches

  • Are university qualified exercise professionals – including physiotherapist, sport scientist and exercise physiologists.
  • They are multi-disciplined and will adapt the session to the needs of your people
  • They will be available post session to troubleshoot any health challenges of the group and reinforce healthy lifestyle behaviours.


Our Delivery

  • Our recommended method of delivery is via Zoom but can utilise other mediums such as Microsoft Teams/Skype or WebEx.
  • Sessions are live but can be recorded for on demand experience for your teams.
  • Your privacy and security is paramount to us and follow best practice to ensure these are upheld.


Your Experience

We offer two main types of experiences

1. Activate Class

  • These sessions incorporate high intensity cardio and basic resistance training to help you build fitness, strength and burn fat.
  • All classes are designed to cater for all levels of fitness and promote social interaction.
  • To give you the best results your university-qualified exercise professional will use a multitude of exercise disciplines including resistance training, traditional strength training, HIIT, circuit training and basic gymnastics.
  • This class will leave you feeling energized, motivated and strong.


2. Regenerate Class

  • These sessions incorporate slower movements and stretches to help you promote recovery, increase your flexibility and build core strength.​
  • Perfect for beginners or those who have been stuck at their desk all day and feeling like they just need to move their body and mind.​
  • This class uses a range of functional body weight movements based on Pilates, yoga, dynamic stretching, animal flow and mindfulness practices​
  • You will leave feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and supple.​


“The services from Better Being had a really positive effect on the morale of the team. We work long hours, stuck behind a desk, so getting out into the fresh air and sunshine, working up a sweat and having a laugh refreshes and energizes the whole team. It gave our team the opportunity to explore their own personal wellness; whether it concerned their lifestyle goals, nutrition or fitness expectations.”

Erin Wakelin, Executive Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills 


Leave your details below and our dedicated Client Experience Manager will be in touch to find out more about what you want to achieve, answer any of your questions and make a recommendation on the program most suitable to your needs. Alternatively, get in touch phone 1300 761 191 or email info@betterbeing.com.au