Episode 2 – Phil Kearns, Managing Director InterRISK

Episode 2 – Phil Kearns, Managing Director InterRISK

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In our second Sweat Equity podcast we are joined by Phil Kearns, current Managing Director of InterRISK and former Wallabies Captain. Phil has made numerous achievements both on and off the field, from being a dual Rugby World Cup winner to creating the Balmoral Burn and raising over $27 million for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. It is no surprise heĀ is an Order of Australia Medalist.

In this episode we cover:

  • Lessons Phil learned from rugby and how he uses it in the corporate world.
  • How to build trust and confidence in a team?
  • Overcoming some of the toughest movements in his life.
  • Coping with retirement from rugby.
  • Have concussions affected Phil’s health?
  • Who will win the Rugby World Cup?
  • Why he has massive respect for female athletes?
  • Plus much more…


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