Want to improve your current level of performance? Feel like your results have plateaued and need an expert in your corner to gain the competitive advantage.


Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete we can get you there. We will create a solution tailored to your needs. No templates, just personalized solutions that work with your lifestyle. No fads or latest crazes just scientifically backed and practically tested solutions.


Let us help you reach new heights and achieve your personal best.


Change your body and transform your life. Now is the time to reclaim your health and get back to being the better you. Let us show you something that works.




Better Being are Australia’s only provider of university qualified exercise professionals, meaning your expert has a deep level of understanding on getting you to your goals safely and effectively!



Our team have different areas of specialisation and a genuine care for helping people succeed. You will be matched with the coach most suited to getting the best out of you and will make every session enjoyable!



Train with us online, a local park or our luxury facilities to provide you with a private and comfortable training environment. No waiting for equipment or having to be self conscious, leaving you to focus on your health and fitness goals!


“I feel fantastic. I would say ‘back to my best’ for energy levels. There is no substitute for hard work. I would recommend Better Being to anyone wanting to take themselves and their performance to that next level.”


Mark Bosnich, Ex-Footballer and Commentator for Fox Sports


*results may vary person to person

“I used to think personal training was an indulgence – after all, for the price of one training session, I could pay for my weekly gym membership and do classes every single with plenty of change left over. But after a couple of sessions with Better Being, my view changed entirely and my PT sessions have become an essential part of my week.


Whilst I had initially sign up with the goal of maintaining my fitness whilst recovering from a wrist and back injury, I realised that I achieving better results than what I would have in a group class or on my own. Above all, each session is enjoyable and lighthearted. My trainer gives me plenty of variety, has easily accommodated my various injuries, and somehow manages to motivate, encourage and push me to do what I previously thought was unachievable – as a result I have seen improvement in my strength, tone and movement.


My experience with Better Being has been nothing but positive, and it’s been about more than just exercise – it’s learning about nutrition, setting goals and trying to achieve overall balance. Would I recommend them? Hell, yes !”




*results may vary person to person


Your journey to better health starts with a personal health consultation where we can look at your body composition, fitness, strength, mobility, injuries, goals, lifestyle and much more in order to create a fitness plan as unique as you are.


We will then match you to the coach most suited to your needs. They will provide you with the accountability, direction, and support every step of the way to the better you.


To find out more about our services and packages – enquire now!