Life a little unpredictable right now?


Don’t know if you’re working from home or the office?


There’s no need to let that fitness routine go out the door.


You can now have your own dedicated coach meet you in the comfort of your own home at day/time that suits you.


No templates, just personalised solutions that work with your lifestyle. No fad diets or latest exercise crazes, just scientifically backed and practically tested solutions.


Change your body and transform your life. Now is the time to reclaim your health and get back to being the better you.
Let us show you something that works.




Better Being are Australia’s only provider of university qualified exercise professionals, meaning your expert has a deep level of understanding on getting you to your goals safely and effectively!



Our team have different areas of specialisation and a genuine care for helping people succeed. You will be matched with the coach most suited to getting the best out of you and will make every session enjoyable!



We help plan around you and what you have at home. No need to purchase expensive equipment, we will work with what you have.  And, you can train from the comfort of your home. No waiting for equipment in a busy gym or having to be self-conscious, leaving you to focus on your health and fitness goals!


I had a final “oh sh*t” moment in mid December when I jumped on the scales and saw I pushed through the tonne (101.4kgs) OMG! The usual New Year’s Resolution to lose weight was locked in! My final moment of inspiration though came from the unlikely source of my ten year old daughter who noted whilst prodding me in the gut “Dad, it’s good that you are losing some weight, you kinda look like you got a 2-pack there, could you ever get a six pack? That would be cool”.


I started at 97.5kgs and 20% body fat, by the end of 8 weeks I had reduced total mass to 92.8kgs and 16.9% body fat, success! I feel physically fitter and stronger and have been enjoying a few people commenting positively on the improvements I’ve been able to achieve. More importantly I have been able to keep most of the regime in place since and have continued to drop a bit of weight. I’m intending on doing another assessment in late June and get an official ruling on that 6 pack!!!”




*results may vary person to person

“My energy levels have also increased significantly. I don’t have an afternoon slump which means there is no need for that quick hit/chocolate pick me up. Our food choices have improved significantly, I would say 80% of our shopping is fresh fruit and vegetables and takeaway is now not really even an option. Don’t get me wrong – we still enjoy eating out, but this is now a treat and what we eat is definitely more considered.

The last thing you want to do is schvitz up a storm in the morning to have it all go to waste in the evening. A big change for me personally, has been a shift in my mentality. If before, self-doubt was the default rhetoric in my head, now, I truly believe that I can do what I set out to do and will try and push through the pain. Of course, this mentality spills over into every aspect of my life, not just training and that is a change worth getting up at 5:00am in the morning for. Physically, I am stronger, I am fitter and have lost a total of 4kg of pure fat and gained 2.4kg of lean mass (muscle) and my body composition has changed 7% in the right direction. I really cannot wait to continue on this trajectory with the team at Better Being. My only wish is that I had found them sooner!”


*results may vary person to person


Your journey to better health starts with a personal health consultation where we can look at your body composition, fitness, strength, mobility, injuries, goals, lifestyle and much more in order to create a fitness plan as unique as you are.


We will then match you to the coach most suited to your needs. They will provide you with the accountability, direction, and support every step of the way to the better you.


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