You may have multiple degrees, and push yourself to work 60-hour weeks. You may have risked everything for that promotion, and know you’ll get it. You’re the best in your field, and you chase success daily, but are you looking after the one asset – your health and fitness – that will ensure you keep hitting your targets?


Greg Stark’s guide to health and fitness shows how to challenge and nurture your body to reach peak performance at work. Investing in your health and fitness never has never been so important – especially if you are working around the clock with high levels of pressure and stress. Greg shows that with small, focused investments, time-poor leaders in business and beyond can reap huge rewards by strengthening focus, resilience and strength.


Sweat Equity focuses on four pillars of performance – mindset, movement, nutrition and recovery – to boost energy levels, be pain free, build confidence and improve your productivity so that you are free to do your best every day. With methods backed by science and research, Sweat Equity is also packed with the testimonials and case studies of lawyers, accountants, bankers, company directors and entrepreneurs, along with insights from elite athletes such as Phil Kearns, Mark Bosnich, Wendell Sailor and Nathan Charles.


For a limited time, get your first chapter of Sweat Equity free, along with Greg’s exclusive 4 part workout series and go-to healthy recipes.

“For me business has always been about becoming more of myself.  Becoming more of a leader, becoming more dependable, contributing more to those around me. Sweaty Equity contains the principles that will enable you to become more of yourself.”

Jack Delosa
Entrepreneur & Investor

“There’s nothing more frustrating than being injured, Greg has helped me get back to my best in next to no time. He continues to keep me mentally and physically in shape and I can not recommend him highly enough.”

Bianca Cheah-Chalmers
Professional Model & Founder of Sporteluxe

“As a nutritionist I have worked with many business leaders who find it a challenge to balance a high flying career, home life and their health. Working along side Greg, I have seen first hand how he is able to assist clients in transforming their life through wellbeing.”

Zoe Bingley-Pullin
Nutritionist & Celebrity Chef

“As a professional rugby player and now CEO I understand the demands of both the sport and business world. My health is vital in making sure I am at my best each and every day. In Sweat Equity, Greg provides the framework to become your own personal health coach and achieve your personal best.”

Phil Kearns
Former Wallaby Captain & CEO of Interisk


Greg Stark is the go to trainer for stressed out corporate executives who are high flying and time poor. He is a leading health expert, influencing over 1.5 million people across Australia, being a regular force in the media across Sky Business, Men’s Health and many more. He was the 2011 Australian Exercise Professional of the Year and ambassador for lululemon and TomTom Sports. His corporate clients include PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Herbert Smith Freehills and Merivale.


Greg is passionate about educating Australians to find their better being. He began his career working with elite athletes at the South Sydney Rabbitohs and brings those principles of high performance to the corporate arena. With a university degree in sport science and over 20 years in the fitness industry, Greg’s knowledge and experience is leading the way.